Starts on March. 17rd at 19:00 UTC. No whitelist needed. Max two weeks.

Held directly on, to participate simply Choose which chain you want to buy ,connect your Metamask, enter the amount of ETH-BNB you wish to send and click buy. MGB tokens will be instantly returned via our presale contract. Metamask is preferred, do not use exchange accounts.

No min, 3 ETH-30 BNB Max buy.

10% referral reward distributed instantly via presale contract. Click REFERRAL button on Presale section and copy your referral link(required to connect with wallet)

Every rebalance $MGB token price can raise up to %2…

Magic Balancer is a DEFI platform that intends to give its users a wide range of features.

This contract has been preview by the great wizard, but not audit yet. As a result of the investigations contract written 100% based on OpenZeppelin Standard and its also tested on Goerli. Use at your own risk. We have verified that the code audited below is deployed at 0xF4f3d6A60765bF705B27716f50FccBa5F0eA0CA1 on mainnet.

Notes on the contract:

  • The total supply is set to be 300,000 $MGB at deployment. No minting functions are present.
  • All transactions are subject to a 1% tax. 1% of this tax on transactions is sent to a contract address and after rebalance sent to Liquidity pool.
  • To discourage…

Magic Balancer is a deflationary governance DEFI token which provides exceptional rewards to active users via Smart Contract protocols, while seamlessly incorporating transactional rewards with liquidity rebalancing features.

MGB token is designed to be sustainable and maximize its value by being truly deflationary and encouraging users to be active by offering exceptional rewards. Every reward MGB token distributes is never detrimental to the overall supply, this means that the growth of MGB token will never be hindered in any way.

Every Magic Balancer protocol is built to be 100% trustless and require no human interaction to keep them running. This…

Wizard of DeFi

Build DeFi 3.0 Project and Volume Generation Events

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